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Berlin Blues Fest
LIVE At The Tic Toc

Record Locations
Dynamite Records
Thorne's Market Place
Northampton, MA
Integrity in Music
Silas Deane Hwy
Wethersfield, CT
Falcetti Music
Enfield, CT
and Springfield, MA

Miles Davis
Eric Clapton
Jimmie Vaughan
Robert Cray
Dave Mason
Muddy Waters
Howlin' Wolf
Berlin Blues Fest - 2003

Berlin Blues Fest



  1. Jack Of All Trades
  2. I Don't Care (listen) (size 4.0MB)
  3. I got My Own Blues
  4. Looks Like Your Doing Fine
  5. I Got A New Woman (featuring Les Cook Guitar & Vocals)
  6. I'm Your Personal Doctor
  7. Free Chicken & Beer
Steve Polezonis Guitar, Vocal & Harp
Jimmy McNamara Drums
Jay Maggi Bass & Vocals
Sante Harp & Sax
Bob Toriani B3 Organ
Dallas Harkless Guitar
Live At The Tic Toc - 2002

LIVE At The Tic Toc



  1. Tell Me Woman (listen) (size 5.0MB)
  2. It's Amazing
  3. Mid Winter Funk
  4. Looks Like You're Doin' Just Fine
  5. Jack Of All Trades (listen) (size 3.6MB)
  6. Worst Enemy
  7. I Love You True
  8. I'm Your Personal Doctor
  9. Free Chicken And Beer
  10. All The Love I Miss Lovin' (Rush)
  11. Reconsider Baby (Fulson)
  12. Crosscut Saw (Ford)
Steve Polezonis Guitar, Vocal & Harp( on #9)
Dallas Harkless Guitar, Vocals (on #10)
Jimmy McNamara Drums
J. Maggi Bass
Sante Isopo Tenor Sax , Harp
Bob Toriani Keyboards
Tom Caliento Sax Solo (on #11)
Mike Cunningham Drums (on #11)